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Found 1 result

  1. Hello This issue occurred In Internet explorer 11 after the RS5(REDSTONE 5 / OS version 1809 / ) update. I would like to know more about this issue. The following Javascript works when RS4(IE11) or lower, But does not work from RS5(IE11). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (This is similar to pseudo code.) window.onbeforeunload = X(); function X() { /// to-do ..... save(); // save logic when this pop-up window beforeunload. // not work from RS5(it works when RS4 or lower version) alert('are u sure ?'); <<<<< // this alert does not work from RS5(it works when RS4 or lower version) .... return; } ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I changed the JavaScript as follows. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (This is similar to pseudo code.) window.addEventListener("beforeunload", X); function X(e){ e.returnValue = 'are u sure?'; // work in All of IE version //to-do save(); // work in All of IE version console.log('are u sure?'); // work in All of IE version alert('are u sure?'); // work in RS4 or lower version but it still does not work in RS5 } ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As a result, JavaScript works except alert. I want to know that whether this is the best method and whether there is an official document on this situation. If you know this situation, please reply. Thank you.