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  1. Update: Apparently, the support agent provided incorrect information. Technology journalist, Ed Bott, ZDNET, confirmed with Microsoft, the free upgrade offer has indeed ended. Source Procrastinators can breath a sigh of relief. A reply from a community forum participant, Martmcd, confirmed in a chat session with a Microsoft Answer Desk agent; the Windows 10 Free Upgrade Offer has been extended for 2 more weeks. The free upgrade launched on July 29, 2015, provides a full version Windows 10 upgrade for PC and devices running a qualifying, genuine, activated Windows 7 or Windows 8 license. The free upgrade was scheduled to last for one year. This week many users started scrambling at the last minute to grab the upgrade. Users who started the upgrade began hitting a widespread 99% hang using the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant. Microsoft Forum Moderators reassured users who started the upgrade before the deadline, could contact chat support to get a reprieve. Todays news gives users a little more breathing room to sort out whatever problems might be preventing successful upgrades. This should also give many users the chance to skip Windows 10 November Update and head straight to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update set for August 2.
  2. Hi all, so I've been having this problem since the 11th of August. I upgraded to the anniversary build of windows and after the installation, I couldn't access settings, cortana, other windows apps and some third party programs. SFC scan and DISM doesn't work, my restore points got deleted after the upgrade, reverting back to previous build doesn't work, re-installing apps via powershell doesn't work, creating new account won't work, and the media creation tool just gets stuck on "restarting your computer in a moment" for 10+ hours. Can anyone offer any insight on to why this might be happening?
  3. Reports are coming in from the Microsoft Community forums, regarding possible causes triggering system hangs in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, 1607. A thread has revealed the IRST Driver as the likely culprit. IRST, which stands for Intel Rapid Storage Technology, is a storage driver developed by Intel for use with a variety of storage configurations; such as RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks) and SATA drives. Modern operating systems such as Windows 10 no longer require IRST driver and can manage such configurations out of the box. AHCI which stands for Advance Host Controller Interface has been supported out of the box since Windows Vista. If you happen to have Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver installed, you can uninstall it to see if it improves stability. If there is a specific reason you need to keep IRST, then you can try updating it using either the Intel Driver Update Utility or download the latest IRST driver manually and install it. You should check the manufacturers website for your computer model for the latest IRST. How to uninstall IRST: Press Windows key + X Click Programs and Features Scroll down then select Intel Rapid Storage Technology, right click it then click uninstall.   With Windows 10 providing built in support for AHCI, there is no need to install or keep IRST. So, if you happen to be experiencing freezes on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, 1607, this is the first place to check.
  4. In addition to the Windows 10 Home and Pro editions; Microsoft also provides a volume license client for large organizations such as schools, governments and businesses who deploy Windows 10 in bulk, called Windows 10 Enterprise. With the release of the Anniversary Update, Microsoft has also provided an Anniversary Update for Enterprise licenses. The ability to upgrade Windows 10 Enterprise will depend on your employer and Network/IT Administrators discretion. This is especially the case if you are connected to a workplace/school/domain. How to upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise 1607 Volume License clients such as Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise/Education utilizing KMS and MAK licenses should be updated by downloading the installation files for Windows 10 from the volume license servicing center. If you have a MSDN subscription, you can also manually download the ISO from there then perform a offline upgrade. If you are not connected to Domain, you should be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise using Windows Update. If you are running the Long Term Service Branch version of Windows 10 Enterprise, you will be able to download the latest version October 1st, then perform a repair upgrade. Domain policies might restrict upgrades from occurring. Users can attempt the upgrade by logging into a local account on the machine. if you are unable to do so, its best you wait until your Network Administrator determines when your machine gets the upgrade.
  5. It looks like Microsoft is starting to make some attempt at closing the Windows 10 Free Upgrade loopholes. The Media Creation Tool, which provides detailed options for upgrading, now prompts Windows 7 or Windows 8 systems for a product key. The Media Creation Tool takes into consideration, users, who might have downgraded a previously installed and activated Windows 10 installation; by giving them the option to reinstall Windows 10, exempting them from the product key requirements. The new Digital License function attaches a Windows 10 license to the machine, permitting unlimited reinstalls without the need to have a product key or contact support to get the software reactivated. When users download the download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, they will see the following screen as usual. If the option to Upgrade this PC now is selected, the user will be prompted the enter a valid Windows 10 product key. Any attempts to enter a Windows 7 or Windows 8 product key will be invalidated: A new option has been added to the setup screen for users reinstalling Windows 10 on a previously installed and activated system. If your system has a Digital License attached to it, Windows 10 will automatically upgraded: Users can still circumvent the prompt for a product key by selecting the option Create installation media for another PC. There is another step users will have to follow in order to avoid being prompted to enter a product key. Even when installing from ISO, users can be prompted for a product key if the option Download and install updates (recommended) is selected. Instead, users should select the option Not at the moment. This will permit the upgrade to continue. I am sure Microsoft is working on a more concrete solution to ultimately end the free upgrade offer. In the mean time, you can still get it while door slowly closes. Thanks to Philip Yip of DellReinstallGuide for the tip!
  6. Programming logic can be a strange thing sometimes. Although its 10 days since the Windows 10 Free Upgrade Offer ended, some users are still getting prompts to upgrade. A participant on the Microsoft Community Forum posted details of an annoying message popping up every time she started her computer. Source Microsoft did promise to remove the Get Windows 10 through a future software update, the software firm just did not say when. Regardless of the imposed deadline, users can activate Windows 10 against existing Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 product keys. In fact using the Media Creation Tool or Upgrade Assistant to upgrade older versions still works. In fact, someone confirmed upgrades from as far back as build 10130 will work. If you really want to pass up on the upgrade offer, here are some solutions you can try: The best way to defer the Windows 10 upgrade is by using third party tools. They are easy to use and are faster. Option 1: How to Disable the Get Windows 10 Update GWX App Completely Option 2: Stop the Windows 10 Upgrade with Never 10 or the GWX App Itself
  7. I share my iPhones Internet connection as a wireless network. Recently, I started experiencing difficulty connecting to my mobile hotspot, with a generic error displayed 'cannot connect to this network. I tried a few things such as: Restarting my phone. Change the password. Restarted Windows. Interestingly, my Lumia 625 mobile hotspot connection worked just fine. So, isolated the problem and the mobile hotspot worked on my Surface Pro. The next thing I tried, turned out to be solution, delete and add the wireless connection again. To do that, click Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage Wi-Fi Settings. Select your wireless network, then click Forget. Click View Available Network icon in the Notification Area, then connect again. You will be prompted to enter your password.
  8. I just upgraded to Windows 10, but I can no longer connect to a Wi-Fi Hotspot. Sometimes the Wi-fi network doesn't even appear in the list; Other times it does appear but I receive the following message: "You cannot connect to this network". I tried updating the network adapter drivers but it still doesn't work. I took a usb adapter stick from another device I own and installed it and its software and that works, but I really want and need to have the built in wi-fi adapter work. Can anyone help?
  9. Microsoft made it official this morning, the next revision of Windows 10 called the Anniversary Update is coming August 2nd. Read all about it at the following link:
  10. We're almost there folks. The final version of the Anniversary update is near. No more new features are being added... just bug fixes and some fit and finish...
  11. Getting closer to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update folks! Here's the latest preview build and what's new:
  12. Windows Insiders have a new build to play with. Read more about the features you can expect when everyone running Windows 10 are updated to the Anniversary Update:
  13. In case you missed it, there is a new Cumulative Update for Windows 10 version 1511. This is the version most users are running and not for the Windows Insiders (who btw, also got an update - you can read more about that here ). This new cumulative update for May includes security and bug fixes that will help keep your system secure and running smooth. Read more:
  14. Microsoft continues to roll out the preview builds for Windows Insiders who want to help test the new features coming to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update coming to everyone this summer.
  15. I had shoulder surgery and it is difficult to type so I want to use the speech recognition program in Windows 10 to communicate with my computer for mail, Facebook &etc. My computer does not have a microphone or video camera. What do you suggest I get to be able to use this program? My computer is a 64 bit Hp about 3 years old and a desktop.
  16. Solarwise WakeOnLan was working perfectly under Windows 7. It has stopped working after upgrading my server to Windows 10. I've tried every suggestion I can find on the internet but to no avail. The BIOS has not been altered in any way. Any further suggestions please?
  17. Microsoft today released Windows 10 Preview Build 14316 to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring for PC. This build includes the ability to run native Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, updated extensions for Microsoft Edge, Action Center improvements and a lot more. In fact, tons more.
  18. Today Microsoft released a new Cumulative Update for Windows 10 on PCs: The same Build 10586.164 was rolled out to Windows 10 Mobile (Windows Phone) for those participating in the Windows Mobile Insider program. However, if you have a retail version of a device running Win10 i.e. Lumia 950 or 550 it will come automatically. If you have an older phone and are in the Fast ring, you'll need to switch rings and then download the update...yeah, it's weird as always for Windows Phone. You can read more about it in the following article:
  19. Good news if you're a Windows Insider! Microsoft today released a new build -- 14279 to the Fast Ring. You can grab it now. You can read more about what it includes in the following article:
  20. Microsoft today rolled out new Cumulative Update (KB3140743), Build 10586.122, that brings provides a large range of improvements to the OS. You can read more about it here: