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  1. my computer was workin fine untill i updated to the anniversary build on august 11th and now even if i revert to previous build the problems remain. i already created a flash drive with the windows 10 installation straight from the microsoft website so I don't see how the installation could be corrupted. thats so weird to me because this laptop is about 2 years old and there were no bad sectors prior to installing the update. but i'll look into a new hard drive correction its 4kb in bad sector
  2. Just for clarification @holdum333 @Rich-M , i'll tell you all the symptoms my cpu has had: Whenever the computer is turned on and logged into, the start menu works fine until you click on any Microsoft app (app store apps, settings, cortana, internet explorer (edge), etc.). microsoft apps do not open at all, then the start menu doesn't open at all. downloaded videos do not play, even in VLC. 3rd party programs like Overwatch ( for example) that require connection to their companies server (Blizzard) are unable to connect or update. if the computer enters sleep mode, upon being re-awa
  3. @Rich-M yeah restore points get deleted every time I install the update lol also when ever I do install the update , the UAC notifications that pops up in order to allow administrative privileges gets stuck when the screen dims with no option box appearing and this prevents me from doing almost anything so I end up reverting to the previous build.
  4. ok cool, thanks for the advice, downloading Macrium right now
  5. @Rich-M @holdum333 I have about 136 Gigs left out of 1TB on my computer, I have a lot of digital audio workstation programs as well as photoshop and other graphic related programs and over 400 gigs of files that go along with those programs , so I just stated that I wanted a 1TB hard drive to make sure i get everything important because some files are located in the c-drive / program files directory and not just in my documents. I've never had to use virtual backups so i'm not to familiar with the subject, but i'll look into the ones you mentioned. I am proficient with computers but ive n
  6. What i meant was, i mounted the ISO image to a virtual DVD drive on the computer, no physical dvd or anything like that. But i have a flash drive that i'll use to burn the installation files to and try to run it when my computer first boots up. I've just been waiting to get a 1TB hard drive so i can back up all my data and programs because im not sure if there is a refresh option that keeps all my files. any other ideas would be appreciated! thanks! also, how well do the 3rd party imaging programs work?
  7. Thanks for the quick response! when I used the media creation tool, I just used the ISO image and mounted that to the hard drive, I didn't use a flash drive ore anything of that nature. Troubleshooting says there's nothing wrong with the drive. I'll look into backing up my hard drive, its just hard finding 1TB external HD lol.
  8. Hi all, so I've been having this problem since the 11th of August. I upgraded to the anniversary build of windows and after the installation, I couldn't access settings, cortana, other windows apps and some third party programs. SFC scan and DISM doesn't work, my restore points got deleted after the upgrade, reverting back to previous build doesn't work, re-installing apps via powershell doesn't work, creating new account won't work, and the media creation tool just gets stuck on "restarting your computer in a moment" for 10+ hours. Can anyone offer any insight on to why this might be happenin
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