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  1. Let me say this again. I can not get into bios and I can not get to the boot selection menu. My (Lenovo) PC hangs with a slightly illuminated screen if I try either. I am not familiar with, nor have I ever done this "flash" thing but what I read in items found with a Google search leads me to believe I must get into bios or the boot selection menu to do it. If I am wrong, please give me more guidance. Thank you,
  2. I can't access my bios, alternate boot menu or EUFI on my Lenove flex 3 laptop. My window 10 system (1703 15063-608) seems to work fine. (the laptop came with Win-10 preinstalled.) I control update installation by turning METERED CONNECTION on. When there are updates to be installed, I access the alternate boot menu (PF-12) and boot Acronis (partial version from Seagate systems) and do a full C: backup. Then, I turn METERED CONNECTION off so the updates will install. I've been doing this for many months with no problem. On July 15th, I installed updates KB402 5376 and KB402 5342 successfully and turned METERED CONNECTION back on. At some time in the last two weeks, I may have installed or reinstalled ADOBE FLASH. The PC gets very little use since it is not my primary PC. On September 22nd, I checked and found there were more updates to install. As usual, I did a restart while tapping PF-12. The PC hung with a black or slightly illuminated screen with no data. I tried again to no avail. I then tried an ADVANCED STARTUP to access UEFI. I got the same symptoms when the restart occured. Finally, I tried the NOVO button which brings up a window to select BIOS, BOOT, or SYSTEM RECOVERY. Selecting BIOS or BOOT MENU gets the same hang with a blank screen . I went ahead and installled a couple of updates to be sure Windows was operating properly. All went well. On researching Google, I found many hits about inability to access BIOS or the BOOT menu. I have removed the main battery and the CMOS (round battery mounted on the circuit board) for 30 minutes or more and reinstalled them. Symptoms are the same. The PC is out of warranty so I have a choice or doing a Windows Recovery (recommended by a local tech shop) or calling Lenovo. Can anyone offer assistance ??? Thank you, Bill
  3. Yes you can create manual restore points in two situations, I believe. FIRST - if you are not attached via wi-fi, you never know when updates will happen, so you can create a restore point each night before final shutdown. Then, if a bad update is installed the next day, you can restore. SECOND - If you are wi-fi attached and have "METERED CONNECTION" turned on, you can do a "CHECK FOR UPDATES" each morning. If updates are found, you can create a restore point before turning "METERED CONNECTION" off. However, it would be so much simpler if we did not have to concern ourselves and could just depend on the big "M" to create the restore point like they did before Win-8.
  4. I checked for updates a little while ago and found there were two updates waiting. I verified that I still had no restore points. I then turned "metered connection" off A cumulative update (kb3176495) and a malicious software removal tool update (kb890830) installed.successfully. I checked and found that a restore point had been created. I also backed up my hard drive (image copy) using a subset of Acronis that was supplied by Seagate because I bought their external disk. Thanks to HOLDUM333 for your tip.
  5. hex40 here. That may be redundant but I am still learning to use the forum. Just to be sure I was not seeing an anomaly on my pre-installed laptop, I am adding this update. I run a Win-7 Pro system for my production. Last week, I upgraded it with the free download. Then I made an image copy for the future and reloaded my Win-7 Pro production system. I just completed restoring Win-10 Pro to my Lenovo ThinkCentre all-in-one desktop. I have Win-10 Pro at version 10 Build 10240. I went through the same set up with system protection and tested my ability to create a restore point and to restore back behind it. All worked okay. Then I turned loose the updates by turning off "metered connection". The updates were installed but no restore point was created. I just read Holdum333's response and will wait for at least a week to see if an automatic restore point is created. Then, I will wait for the week you mention and continue testing from there. Thank you,
  6. I have a recently purchased Lenovo laptop with version 1511 (OS build 10586.494) I read item https://www.tekrevue.com/how-to-enable-system-restore-windows-10/ to learn how to cause windows update to create a checkpoint before installing updates. I can create a manual update but when updates are installed using Windows Update, no checkpoint is created. Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem ???
  7. I'm new, obviously. What is the difference between "windows10 forum" and "windows10forums" ???