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  1. When windows starts up, I would like to run a procedure that does: del c:\windows\system32\program.exe admin. privileges are needed to do this. A shortcut with admin. privileges in the startup folder doesn't work. any suggestions? Al
  2. After I Start Windows 10 or wake up from sleep, browsers(edge, internet explorer, Firefox) hang. When I open the browser and click on a link nothing happens. To close the browser I have to use alt F4 or task manager. While this is happening, "service host local service(no network)(5)" is the most active application with 17-24% CPU usage. After about 20 minutes, the problem clears and the browser functions and the service host goes to 0% usage. Other apps which access the internet, such as outlook, quicken, malware bytes work, albeit more slowly. This behavior started in the last few weeks and before the latest win10 update. Any ideas about what's happening or how to fix the problem would be appreciated.
  3. holdum333- Thanks for the reply. I did do a rollback- no change. Actually I found that I had not upgraded the driver. The driver was the one that windows 10 loaded. So I went to AMD and got the latest driver for my machine. Still the light stays on. It's puzzling that that the registry value is getting reset to a 2 value after I change it to a 0. Everyone has told me that the video driver has nothing to do with num ok light.
  4. I recently upgraded to win 10. After I updated the video driver the numbers lock/scroll key light on my laptop became lit. The laptop noes not have a numeric keypad. I edited the registry entry for control panel/keyboard/i initial state under current user, default user, and three others. Changed the parameter from 2 ( on) to 0 (off). After reboot the current user setting reverts to 2 and the light remains on. Any suggestion for turning off the light?
  5. Microsoft money plus deluxe sunset edition worked fine under windows 7. I am having a problem under windows 10. When I select Investing home then portfolio a list of stocks is properly displayed. When I click on the "+" to show transactions a small box is displayed that is squashed horizontally. The entries are not readable but when clicked on they bring up the proper info. See the attached image. This looks like an excel cell that is too narrow to hold the data. Any help would be appreciated. I have tried changing compatibility mode and display settings.