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  1. will the ISO files for direct download be released on Aug 2 itself?(anniversary update)
  2. My system perfomance is weak especially at the satrtup time. I think it is due to the folder windows old. Is it?
  3. When I navigated to the following it shows windows is activated. So to be digitily entiltled what should I do? Also when I upgraded from 8.1 to 10 there is a folder called windows old. What should I do with it? I thinkit is kept for recovery. Is it?
  4. I was not having a digitle entitlement! But I'm having the ISO file. So can I upgrade anytime after July 29 using the ISO file that I'm having?(10586)
  5. Thank you for the dedication. I'm really attracted towards the UI of win 10 and eagerly waiting for the new features in the anniversary update! I can't think of my PC without win 10! The crashes are usual experienced by all users. Most of the bugs are fixed in this massive update. I hope the questions were answered
  6. I have decided to upgrade to win 10 before July 29. But I can't afford mct or windows update as there are no ways to pause the download. My download speed is just hardly 50 kbps. But I must get it at any cost! As said if the size is 3.11 GB then it will take almost 20-22 hrs for me to download!
  7. But this links are valid only for 24 hrs. Am I right? I need permanent links so that I can pause and resume when required. Can I use this link to download the anniversary update ? If so what about at present will it download the 10586 os build? This is the direct downloading links and not mct. Isn't it? I'm really curious about this massive update snd I have the deepest desire to get it. So please help me!
  8. But after July 29 the free upgrade offer ends. Isn't it? Then how can I download the Redstone update as an 8.1 user? I hope for a detailed reply. Also will the ISO files for direct download be released on Aug 2 itself?
  9. I was a former win 10 user and now I downgraded to 8.1 due to the crashes and plan in for the Redstone update! But could I download It as an 8.1 user? I can't prefer win update or media creation tool as my internet connection is too slow! Will the ISO files for downloading directly be released on Aug 2? What will be the approximate size of the update? Please reply! I had been waiting for it since the rumours began to spread but was forced to downgrade! But I'm having the version 1511 ISO files with me