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  1. In my desperation to correct the situation, I've created a real mess. I started out having the original folder on my desktop and I was trying to copy it to the external hard drive as a back up; Every month or so, I swap the folder on the desk top with the folder on the external hard drive. This is how I manually back up. When the message appeared: "the folder wasn't on the computer etc....", I then dragged it to the c drive. So now there are actually 3 folders. I did alot of renaming and dragging; I now realize that the folder on the external hard drive is "bigg
  2. I'm having a problem manually backing up a folder that contains many smaller folders, files, documents, photos etc to an external hard drive. Things got convoluted and complicated when during the initial copying attempt, my computer accidently shut down. From that point on, the situation snowballed after I trashed the first copy folder attempt. Long story short, I've made numerous copies, attempted to drag them manually to the external hard drive (E), wasn't able to do it, renamed them and then dragged them back to the desktop and now I have a problem I can't sovle. For the sake of si
  3. The problem is resolved. That's exactly what I did; I went to Hp's website and downloaded the appropriate wireless adapter driver onto a flash drive and then installed it. Many thanks to holdum 333 and profiler for your help.
  4. After I tried the usb adapter stick from the other device, I connected to the internet and immediately ran windows update. Then I checked the status of the driver. It says it's up to date, so I removed the Netgear adapter and tried connecting with the built-in adapter but is still doesn't work.
  5. I just upgraded to Windows 10, but I can no longer connect to a Wi-Fi Hotspot. Sometimes the Wi-fi network doesn't even appear in the list; Other times it does appear but I receive the following message: "You cannot connect to this network". I tried updating the network adapter drivers but it still doesn't work. I took a usb adapter stick from another device I own and installed it and its software and that works, but I really want and need to have the built in wi-fi adapter work. Can anyone help?
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