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  1. Thanks for the advice I will keep it in reserve best wishes Farmers friend
  2. thanks for help - snipping tool ok at moment
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, I will bear it in mind but snipping tool working at the moment all the best farmers friend
  4. It's been a funny couple of days with this laptop!! Night before last it wouldn't type in various sites then all the key functions doubled immediately ie: pressing 'a' once resulted in 'aa' and so on and still no snipping tool working! Yesterday everything returned to normal without any prompting! So all the commands that you had sent to me finally worked! Thank you very much for the assistance it has been very much appreciated. I hope that all is well in Oke with best wishes Simon
  5. Sorry I've been out most of the day i got the picture of you in your 'workshop' looking very smart! I have now a problem with typing as the keyboard is now playing up its been one of those weeks i cant type into the command programmes at the moment so cannot try the new suggestions All the best for the time Simon
  6. I will try these later in the day got to do some work outside I like the video of Golden Oaks but they don't say anything about 'in house' computer expert and mechanic
  7. I think that I will have to get it done locally. I have too much in the laptop to risk losing it all by pressing the wrong button! I am a semi-retired farmer and still do outdoor work also like you I am self taught but not to the same standard. Thank you very much for all your help and suggestions it is a nice feeling to have help from somewhere in the world from a stranger, Gary with best wishes from Simon
  8. looking back at some of your messages I was unable to copy the various addresses and paste them for some reason so there could be further problems!!
  9. error 87 the online/cleanup-image/restoreoption is unknown for more information refer the help by running DISM.exe/?the DISM log file can be found at c:\WINDOWS\Logs\DISM\dism.log c:\WINDOWS\system32>
  10. thanks for the age comparison it makes feel better! I am going to quote what the first refusal said so it will take a few minutes!
  11. You are going to wish that Farmers Friend hadn't turned up! Part of the problem is that I am 80 and most of the jargon is beyond me! As I said I used the sfc scan 4 times and then entered various suggestions that you made with no success at all. I may have to go to our local computer firm and get it sorted. I didn't feel like paying money to correct a fault in a programme, W10, that was forced onto me, I was unable to stop the download when it arrived!
  12. I have run the sfc scan 4 times and it shows corruption everything that I try after is rejected the snipping tool is no better it shows a grey screen the cursor is working but it snips a grey picture
  13. now running windows 10 which was forced on me! had some problems with document and excell files which were resolved by microsoft staff now my snipping tool wont work properly it just converts the page to a grey scene has anybody got any ideas as to how to sort this out?
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