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  1. Thanks @Rich-M for your post. I tried the "learn more" and it looked like it was going to work, but when it got to the configuring part it failed and went back to the original W10 update!  I haven't tried it again. I think @adacosta has a blog about it and MS has fixed the bug!  I remember seeing a message to try again latter, but I never tried it again!;) I'll probably use the MCT flash. I'm thinking it's probably the best way!


    PS I hope you are recovering from your surgery!


  2. Hi ! You are saying your PC updated Tuesday. I'm a summing you're talking about the anniversary update. There are three ways to upgrade and I have posted them above, but here it is again.  What have you done to try to fix your problem? I would suggest trying the media creation tool to upgrade. Was W10 working before the update? Have you tried reset or refresh? Your post leaves a lot to be desired. It would be helpful also to know your make and model. You may get more replies from other forum members latter. Please post back what you have tried to do to recover from your issues. What do you see when windows boots up? Are you able to boot into Windows?? Can you get to the recovery mode? Do you have a system repair DVD? W10 has several ways to recover your operating system!




  3. Hi Sorry to hear you had a problem with the update. That is why I always advise PC users to create a back up image of your OS and save all your data to a external drive before making any drastic changes.

    Please post back with your progress! May I ask how you attempted the update. Was it with the windows update or with the MCT? Did you go here as @adacosta suggested in his blog!


  4. Hi Alex! I had that error "the source was not found" one time, but I don't remember how I got around it. Using a system image was a good idea. Glad to hear you got your file system sorted out. That can cause a lot of problems. I just got a new seagate 1TB external drive from staples. It was on sale for 59$.

    I haven't tried upgrading to the anniversary addition yet. Waiting for everyone to get the bugs out xD. I'll have a current image handy when I do upgrade.

    I've heard that there's not that much in the anniversary update. I'm in no hurry for it. My W10 is working well. I spend a lot of time on the groovy's sister forum. Haven't heard any thing there about the anniversary update. Would love to see you on the help forum. Thanks for your reply!

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  5. Hi There! I'll let @adacosta help you with the anniversary update. One precaution I always suggest when doing any major changes to your PC is to create a back up image of your OS. Then you have a easy way to get back where you started.

    Why do you think you have some corrupt system files?? You say you tried sfc /scannow and DISM commands. What were the results? Are you still showing violations when you run sfc /scannow? You may get more replies from other forum members latter!;)

  6. 58 minutes ago, Guest Johnnie Martines said:

    With that in mind there are a few things you ll want to do after upgrading to Windows 10 beyond simply familiarizing yourself with the new layouts and locations.

    Hey Johnnie! Welcome to the forum! What are the things users need to do after upgrading to W10?? Do you have a list??Why not join us on the forum and post your ideas.

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    I have one! Create a back up image of your OS, so that you will be ready when the unexpected happens.

  7. Hey! @allheart55 (Cindy E)  I saw that and wondering about the Download Tool also. I'm really interested in the Update Now in my screen shot. I'm running W10 now. Does the Update Now have the new anniversary Update. I have a MCT flash. Is this a new tool with the Anniversary on it. If it is , then I need to create the new tool! I've heard that you may get the Anniversary Update and skip the first upgrade. Don't know if that's true and that's why I have all these questions.;)

    Hoping @adacosta might have some answers! Thanks for your reply Cindy!

  8. Hi @adacosta I have another question for you. I have a flash with the MCT on it. It works very well and I have used it on several seniors PCs to upgrade their PCs to W10. I also have a flash with the Recovery Drive on it.

    My question  to you "Should I make a new MCT flash after the anniversary update, or is my old flash still good.

    Thank you!

    PS I use PNY flash drives for this! Sandisk seem to have a problem being recognized for creating the MCT and the recovery drive!