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  1. Thanks for your reply. Apparently, some of the default settings were changed when I downloaded Wins10. I was able to resolve the problem by resetting the default settings to MS Word instead of MS Office.
  2. After I downloaded Wins 10, MS Word9 would not recognize a word document downloaded form an email. Instead, I received a message trying to sell me MS office. I deleted the MS works 9 program and reinstalled it, using the CD that I received with original MS Works9 program. Still had the same problem. I have the same program running on my Wins 7 computer and it works fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bill
  3. I upgraded from Wins 8.1 to Wins 10. MS Works seems to work okay except when I download a word file., Instead of MS Works opening the file, I receive an invitation to purchase MS Office. Other wise MS Works seems to be working properly.