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  1. Thanks Brian. Will my saved email messages in my Live Mail inbox and sent folder disappear, or will they stay where they are right now. What happens to my current Live Mail program when I update to Win 10?. Does it continue on from where it was, or does it start all over with no email messages in the inbox or sent folder?
  2. Will I be able to use Live Mail after I update to Win 10 from Win 7? Will I be able to save all my email messages (recd and sent) from my current Live Mail?
  3. I am a senior citizen and would appreciate someone helping me with a windows 10 question. I have windows 7 and use Live Mail for my email. I am one that likes to keep everything. I have thousands of email messages received and sent, and I want to keep what I have. I will probably have to upgrade to Windows 10 before July 29. My question is: Will I still be able to use Windows Live Mail as my email program with Windows 10? Will I be able to keep all my emails?
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