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  1. I used Lightroom Classic and NIk Silver eFex Pro to develop the files. I checked the folder to make sure the files were there and they were. I Went into the Photo lab ( not the first time), and went to the folder and files could not be seen to upload. Now I had files disappear on me in Win 10 before and and did the process to make them visible yet these disappeared!!! Please help!!! Gil
  2. I am having a problem all of a sudden with installing non Microsoft programs on my computer. I download the software to my computer.....hit the executable.... the computer thinks a few seconds ...... then a message comes up saying the software I am trying to install is not a Microsoft certified app and I should go to Microsoft store to install it from there. It does not exist on their store. It has happened with 2 different software.s....one being DXO Nik Collection. Any ideas why this is happening???? Thanks, Gil
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