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  1. Thanks a lot it seems it fixed my problem ! I'll see tomorrow if the black screen doesn't show up ^^ (If it's all good I put "mark as solution" on your first message to close the topic ? Thanks again =D)
  2. Thanks a lot for your help, I'll try this tomorrow
  3. Hi ! I have a problem with my windows 10 : since a week or two, when I start my computer for the first time of the day, the login animation is long, and then I have a black screen with my cursor (and sometimes Nvidia Broadcast opened ??). I check online and tried almost every solutions (restarting explorer.exe, checking registries, uninstalling last quality update, launching into safe mode then restarting, etc) and it was working, but it's quite annoying to try all these every morning... So I came here to ask if someone know how I can fix this problem for real, thanks in advance ! (Sorry for my English I'm French ^^)
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