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  1. I might have made the most stupid mistake I've ever made. I was moving many files among different folders and every time I moved a file, a message appeared saying that I had to provide administrator permission to move the file. There are no other accounts on my PC so I'm the only user and admin. At the beginning I tried to ignore it, but then it became so annoying I searched in google for a way to revert this. Among the many "solutions" I found, there was one that said I had to "claim" ownership of the folder, I tried many times to no avail. So the stupid part in me thought it was a good idea to change ownership of the all the files in the C: drive. The process took some minutes, when it completed, the system went haywire. I could not open any file or program, the taskbar and home button disappeared. I restarted thinking that would fix it, and everything went south. I was greeted with a blue screen with the stop code oxc000021a, the PC restarted itself and the automatic repair tried and failed to fix the issue and the blue screen appeared again. As of now, my PC is trapped on an infinite loop of restarting, trying to repair itself, showing the blue screen and resetting again, on and on. I did a recovery drive and tried to enter the troubleshooting, among many commands on the cmd. I've tried any amount of commands and none of them work, basically because all of them require to run on admin privileges and of course I can't provide them. I get error codes like: "access denied" "you don't have permission to run this tool" "you don't have access" etc. 


    If anyone could shed some light about this issue I'd be forever grateful. I really don't want to reinstall Windows again, nor lose all my files due to my stupidity. 

    Sorry for the long post btw.




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