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  1. Howdy, all. I certainly need some help! I'm running Windows 10 on a Toshiba satellite laptop. About a week ago I had it open on the table and fell asleep with it open. I can't help but think our cat helped me out with this... The screen had changed to a windows login modification screen as in set up your login to a PIN screen. I know I didn't initiate this change, so at first I thought it was a gift from Microsoft. In any event there was no PIN entry field, nor a button to agree to select this option, really no buttons at all. Upon clicking in the screen it went through some clocking and ended back, on its own, to the login screen. However, now there is no password entry box for me the user, it simply says "Sign in". When I click it it brings up a Microsoft account screen. Is this a Microsoft password issue again? I really just want to get back to entering my password to get logged in. Is there any help for me??? TWI
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