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  1. Goodmorning,I had 3 drives on my pc (1 ssd-m2, 1 hdd, 1ssd) and because i need to switch data from one pc to another i bought a docking station.Right now i put my internal HDD and SSD (2/3) in it and if i tried to boot windows without the docking station on, i receive this error ( Reboot and select proper boot device and press a key), anyone knows how to fix it?- I tried to change the boot priority but it doesn't work - I tried to Rebuild the boot configuration data but when i write "attrib c:\boot\bcd -h -r -s" it sais that he can't find the directory. The last chance is to format the first ssd ( where i have the OS ) and reinstall windows but i prefer to avoid it.Thank you!
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