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  1. If you have lost the password to the wireless router or want to change the internal IP address to something other than, you can try the following ways. Many people have got annoyed by forgetting the long password for their Wi-Fi network. Here are the ways they can do to get back those details. · If the user has changed the ID or password from default login details, he or she can look at the bottom of router device. There will be a small reset switch placed on the back. Users can simply press the button and reset the router to default settings including the username and password. Then they can enter the default password and username at the admin page they have got on the web browser to get access to router settings page. Find more information on this site : · Users can download free documents online to know about the admin password of They can find an online portal sharing useful information regarding wired and wireless routers. Users can get a list of default passwords and usernames at those portals. Then they can try those pair of details one by one until they get access to the router’s admin page.