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  1. Richard Oakley

    Photo that comes with Windows 10

    Why dont you make a seprate folder for Pictures, and add your personnal pics on to them so when you want to upload any pic you can straight go to the folder and select the picture. I follow a simple rule of segregatting my pics according to year or occasion so it becomes easy to find them when i want.
  2. Richard Oakley

    windows 10 is unsatisfactory

    What is the difficulty that you are facing with Windows 10, is it the GUI (interface) or something else
  3. Richard Oakley

    Windows 10 upgrade on refurbished

    First let the computer come to you , Once you recieve it you can let us know what are the configurations of the computer , Like RAM, HDD size, Video Card and such. So it will become easy for us to go ahead and help you with the correct details. Regards, RO
  4. Richard Oakley

    gmail on Win 10 not working

    @Edward009 THANK YOU so so much this helped me to fix the issue on my VDI running Windows Sever 10 Richie A powerful mind can bring in Peace or Destruction.
  5. Sorry to reply you after a long time. I thought of installing McAfee LiveSafe 2016 Antivirus since it has an Internet Security for PCs, Smart Phones and Laptops, data security and 24x7 Tech Support. Please see below link which has details about same.,2817,2470466,00.asp Regards, Richard Oakley| Tech Support Team cloudappsportal
  6. Richard Oakley

    Memory Usage

    Hi, You can check this below link which may fix this error. Regards, Richard Oakley | Tech Support Team
  7. Richard Oakley

    Windows Live Mail fails to display images

    Hello, Y ou can try this too. Tools> Safety Options> Security> Uncheck: "Block images.........." resulted in graphics will always show. Tools> Options> Read> Make sure: Read all messages in plain text is not checked. Regards, Richard Oakley | Tech Support Team
  8. Thank you for the post Brian. To be honest, I was also looking for a distinct antivirus programme for Windows 10. It helped a lot. Thank you, Richard Oakley
  9. Richard Oakley


    Hello, Please look for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Software. It is compatible for Windows 10 OS, please see below link. Regards, Richard Oakley