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  1. HP 15-Cd059sa (2YK85EA#ABU) My hard drive failed so upgraded with a 240GB SSD. I installed Windows 10 1709 with a USB stick made with HP Cloud Recovery. Once installed the laptop did a few updates including a BIOS update which went fine. The laptop did not offer Windows 10 20H2 so I ran the update manually which worked. After a few restarts to install updates, it restarted for the last time and did a HP BIOS update as before but instead of rebooting into Windows, it rebooted into a DOS like environment to updates other parts of the BIOS, ending with the boot block. When the laptop restarted all I got was a black screen and that is how it remains. I've tried Windows + B and Windows + V but when turning on but makes no difference with or without a hard drive or BIOS recovery USB stick. Can anyone offer any help to get it booting up properly again as I suspect the update on the boot block may have gone wrong so unrecoverable? Also does anyone know if I can get a Super IO as I can solder a new one on the motherboard to save the cost of a new motherboard?
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