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  1. Oldphart Techgeek

    The need to register

    I really hate being made to sign up to ,Yet another forum or whatever. just to post ONE question or comment. Why can't there be such a thing as a guest account with say, 5 guest comments, then lockout. Would cover most visitors needs Yeah, I know, Spammers, there's other ways to cope with them
  2. Oldphart Techgeek

    Memory Usage

    And if I leave it, ignore it, after a while I suddenly get total and instantaneous shutdown, just like a power dropout
  3. Oldphart Techgeek

    Memory Usage

    Who is lying to whom?
  4. Oldphart Techgeek

    Teenagers Reacting to Windows 95 (Video)

    maybe we should have a 'Windows for over 40's' forum Or something