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  1. QUIT LOOKING, I FOUND IT! No replies, but after posting I did more research on OnDrive and I think I fixed it I wasn't aware of the options of having your files only on the cloud, or both on the cloud and my HD. I assumed it was just the latter, which is what I wanted, and the reason I migrated my spreadsheets and related data files to OneDrive in the first place. It turned out that basically, I was in "FIles on demand" mode on my computers for folder/files I was using. The files were not downloaded until I opened them. Those were the files whose size appeared in parenthesis in DIR. Appa
  2. I don't fully understand what condition is causing this, but here's what I observed: I moved some Excel spreadsheets and txt files to OneDrive so that I can work on them from either of two computers. The spreadsheet has macros that create new files, or maybe I should say renames a current txt file to xxxxOld, and writes a new xxxx file. It also creates a new copy of the spreadsheet itself with a date added as part of the file name so that I can keep 30 day's of the spreadsheet. The problem is, when a new file is created in OneDrive on computer #1, when I attempt to open that file (
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