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  1. ALL IS SOLVED, steps followed: - Ran the troubleshooter 'Windows Updates' which detected and fixed some issues - Ran the search for Windows Updates again which now found 2 additional updates and installed them: * KB4580419 - 2020-11 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 version 2004 for x64 * KB4586781 - 2020-11 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 version 2004 for x64-based systems - Rebooted my system and all was fine again (thumbnails of MP3/MP4/... are back, MP3 artists, titles, lengths etc are back) Thank god for Friday the 13th of the incredible year 2020
  2. Hi, This morning I had a popup that Microsoft needed to install some updates, I agreed and rebooted my system, but now I don't have any thumbnails anymore for MP3 / MP4 / PDF files. I'll focus on the MP3 extension here, normally the file itself has the cover art shown as a thumbnail and now all MP3's look the same, they all have the icon of the program which I open them with. Another thing I notice is if I go to a directory with MP3's, all columns such as artists/title/length etc are empty (they used to contain data), see the first attachment "FileExplorer.jpg". If I open my MP3 files with MP3Tag (a tool to add metadata to MP3's, see the second attachment "MP3Tag.jpg"), I see that the cover and the metadata is still there. So I think it is a display issue in my explorer. In the third attachment "Desktop.jpg" you can see that for images (green rectangle), the thumbnails are still working, but for MP3/MP4 they are not shown anymore... I run Windows 10 64 bit I already tried: - File Explorer > View > Options > View > Always show icons, never thumbnails = UNCHECKED (+ restart computer) - Windows Performance Options > Show thumbnails instead of icons = CHECKED + Save taskbar thumbnail previews = CHECKED (+ restart computer) - C:\ drive > Properties > Disk Cleanup > Thumbnails CHECKED (+ restart computer) - Ran the bat file from the tutorial Clear and Reset Thumbnail Cache in Windows 10 - Ran CMD as administrator > sfc /scannow Nothing seems to work at this moment.