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  1. The Adobe flash player for my Windows 10 Pro version 1909 need a new designing painting processor software to a 3D image by drawing from Help from Windows CAD into developing a new orbital drum sander design for engine block rebuilding and it bores the bore hole in where cylinder wall is. It is slower boring/abrasion the hole than deeper cutting of boring head connected to the portable borer pro machine. Some Hyundai might have combination boring/milling machine design as boring up to 4.2 inch bore hole at same time it is not portable so it stands on floor and 3" or 4" diameter column is tall as 4 or 5 ft. plus an extra leg in support up the milling table that is connected to the column with rack gear for depth adjusting. The spindle of motor 3HP harbor freight Central pneumatic uses no pneumatic but it builds better than brand Grizzly production 12 speed drill Press. The spindle also have depth called stroke adjustable with hand wheel. The swing distance is the distance from the column to the spindle in measure of around 20 to 21 inches for milling machine. Milling machine have two types: one is the motor above and it direct drives the revolution MT-3 arbor and two is the belt driven by a electric motor 120 volt and it drives the rev. MT-3 arbor by the cogged belt or V-belt. The main question is which KB file will have flash player update includes Windows update? I heard from KB4025342, it's for the version 1703 Windows includes flash-player with designer processor or Vision Gaming coloring and deafness drawing board called software white page online program so the application is an icon in which Adobe doesn't do any better in engineering and invention than us in Microsoft and Automobile/Multimobile Plant working on it. Flash & Art player is a robot's software that assembling the car part in Blacksmith tool builder along with controller called spot welder.