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  1. Sorry for my late reply. This may happen sometimes. I also faced the same kind of issue. Later on, I started searching online and read articles which are written on the basis of DNS Server. My issue is solved now. You can try this as well. All the best!
  2. Welcome to the community. I hope you will enjoy it.
  3. We normally select C drive to keep all of our files during installation. But I think you selected other drives so you files are moved.
  4. Do you still need a solution? What printer are you using right now?
  5. JamesMartin


    Hello, How are you? Welcome to the community. Glad to see you here. Enjoy your best time here. LOL!
  6. What's is the issue? You even didn't share anything with us. Give us some more details to get help.
  7. Welcome to the community. Enjoy your best time here. LOL!
  8. Hello guys, Good day to all! I hope everyone here is doing well so far. I would like to introduce myself with you guys. Thank you so much!
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