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  1. Hello, I have a laptop Dream Machine GTX1050i. I know on this forum is a lot of similar problems but i think i can describe my problem with many details. Story: My laptop working when i left home for 5 days, i was staying him plug-in (i mean pc was turned off but still charging himself) for 5 days. After this time i came back home and when i was trying turned on this laptop i can but i couldn't see anything - black screen. Problem: When i turn on my laptop sounds from fun is for me are too quite but i hear this. I don't see anything - black screen (i was trying connect this HDMI to TV - not working, 0 reaction even after windows+P). When i pressed a win+ctrl+shift+B i can hear beep and nothing else happened. And the last one, really strange - i think i can log in to my laptop because after when i pressed a space and typing my password and then pressed a Alt+F4 i can turn off my laptop. Leds on keyboard are working. In my opinion there is a problem with my integrated graphic card but i don't undestand why if there is a problem with integrated, my second graphic GTX1050 should work and show everything. Kind Regards Marcin