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  1. I can successfully run Personalize and Display Settings from the PC Settings submenu. However, when I Right Click desktop, Personalize and Display Settings show up in the little menu, but do not work. I get a very brief CMD screen, then nothing. I have tried: Scannow and DISM clean, and removed the two HKLM and the HKCR registry items and the that are suggested online. I've updated graphics drivers and cleaned all. I've fully updated Windows 10 to ver1909. I've done "Remove_Display_settings_from_desktop_context_menu.reg" (which did remove it) followed by "Restore_Display_Settings_menu.reg" (which did restore it to the right click menu) - but still didn't work. Other desktop shortcuts don't work either: Like Adjusting Date/Time by clicking on lower right time also gives momentary cmd screen and then nothing. But again, from PC Settings, Date/Time works. Any other suggestions to get this to work from Right Click desktop on my Lenovo AIO greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Peter
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