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  1. Everything seems to have successfully installed except for Project Spartan. It crashes as soon as it is opened. Anyone know what can be done to rectify this problem? I really enjoyed using Project Spartan it was developing very well. I have read the name is going to be changed to Edge, but as now in Build 10074 it is still under the name Project Spartan.
  2. Ah, after the download I clicked wait 1hour, so it seems I have to wait until that hour is up. I cannot access install now. Perhaps it will just install automatically in about half an hour.
  3. Just going to click the install now button. I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. • fbl_impressive Professional 10074 Downloaded, ready to install soon.
  5. (TWS) fbl_impressive Professional 10074 - Error 0x80246017
  6. Build 10074 is on the updates, but does not download,
  7. I haven't noticed that, Spartan and Desktop Windows Manager seems to use a lot of memory.
  8. Downloading went smoothly. Now checking it.
  9. Downloaded and installed 1004, everything went smoothly. All personal installed apps saved, very nice, nothing to reinstall. Just one small problem so far, show hidden icons does not work. I find it very interesting getting used to Windows 10, I like it, and as I mentioned before, I use it as my only operating system, personal files are backed up, plain sailing so far.
  10. Steve. I installed it on my main computer, I have all personal files backed up so I had nothing to lose, time of course, if I have to do a clean install as I did because of my drive. So I am with it now, for better or for worse, so far it is for better, I hope it continues that way I feel very happy with it. I had a surprise this morning a setting panel popped up with OneDrive settings, how or where it came from I do not know, I could choose what folders or files I wanted on my desktop from OneDrive, which I have done, and it is downloading now, just like Windows 8.1. The only file I had from OneDrive was the camera roll, other folders from OneDrive were in Local Disc C users Paul OneDrive but they were empty. I tried to find out how to down files but I couldn't. Then like magic up popped the settings panel, must have been on a time delay or something. I will keep in touch with any other happenings. Paul.
  11. I started with build 9860, and all was working well, until I had a problem with my hard drive after upgrade to 9879. I do not think this problem was caused by the system, but by me messing with my double drive (Raid 0) trying to separate them. The discs were fixed and I re-installed from an ISO, beginning as you did with build 9841, but I carried on to build 9860 and I waited for the slow update to build 9879 which I installed yesterday. So far so good. Even the change to OneDrive I am beginning to grasp. I also liked Windows 8.1, although I think Windows 10 will be even better. I cannot talk in technical terms, just as a computer user. I find it all very interesting.
  12. My comment November 14th, that ending seems a bit strange, it doesn't sound like me. I updated to build 9879, but the missing OneDrive link has confused me, well there is a folder in users, but how do files get uploaded? I have gone back to build 9860, and will try again when the slow update is available, and I will take more care on what I click. Paul.
  13. It works very well, no problems so far. I'm sure many people have many problems, I am pleased I do not belong to that group.
  14. I have had the time to play around in general, and in doing so I have had a few problems, probably just caused by me, as I am not not very technical minded. So the fist thing that has impressed me very much is the recovery system, it has done a great job for me, three or four times. Actual new features I haven't paid much attention to, I am using my computer just as if it was a full release and not a technical preview, I know that is against all advice, but all personal things are backed up. So I jumped in the deep end, and enjoying it. At the moment I have all the apps installed that I used before, and for the last two days it's looking good, some problems of course, but it gets better all the time. ( Having said that perhaps I might get another, there is a problem starting your system we are trying to repair.) Anything special happens I will let you know.