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  1. I regularly get notifications informing me that a software update is available but not a clue as to WHAT software. How am I suppsoed to know where to look?
  2. When I try to look at the contents of the DVD drive, the details/progress box at the top of the page says "Quick access" but it takes forever to open. It's the same sort of action as a full Windows search.
  3. Don't know why my last post didn't pick up my address. Ian-UK = IP PRSY.
  4. Hi Steve, I owe you a big thank you. The NVIdia stuff didn't help because graphics on my PC (hand built locally) are Radeon HID6450. The software updater on the main download site of AMD didn't work because of the age of my system (a clue there?), but did point to a legacy downloads page, which worked successfully, confirming my drivers were't up to date and installing the latest, which have solved the problem reported. It may be my imagination, but the pages do seem to load more quickly as well. I can provide the links if required. Again, many thanks for your help. Ian