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  1. Hi Brian, No it didn't cure the problem when it's at the bottom of the screen. Still the same there. It looked better when on the side but that didn't cure it. I'm seeing about 400 + people on the MS site that are reporting taskbar or notification area problems so MS is now aware of it.. Thanks
  2. ShockerSH, Can't drag it at all. The other strange thing is that the area to the right of the clock is about 2" long. That shouldn't even be there. Brian, I tried locking/unlocking to no avail. When I dragged it to the side of the screen it still had the arrows, but the second time I did that they disappeared and all the icons we visable. I guess it is an issue with the latest builds of Windows. I have 14279 and am on the fast build ring. I will also report it to MS as a bug in the latest versions. Thanks all for your help. I'll let this rest now and contact MS.
  3. Hi Steve. Nope, no toolbars are enabled. I have the start button. It's very strange. I get a left and right arrow that scrolls the icons back and forth but it's very hard to see them or to select them. I read that if you have "all" icons to show it does something but that isn't the issue either as I only have some of them selected to show. I tried it with all too but that didn't really make a difference. I'm stumped.
  4. All of a sudden my taskbar is super small. I.e. From side to side it shrunk and it now has scrolling arrows. The area to the right of the time and date is about 2" long now too. I'm wondering in it's a problem with the latest "fast build" update? I have a lot of trouble accessing the app icons on the taskbar as they are to cramped. Does anyone have an idea what the problem is and how to fix it? I've attached a .jpg of the taskbar to show what I mean. Thanks all for any help.