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  1. Hello. It's been a while since I've been experiencing various problems. I have a Lenovo Y50-70, a respectable laptop. i7, 12GB, GTX 680M and 1TB HDD. I state that I have dual boot in Clover with OSX. It's been a while since I feel it very very slow. It takes about 2 and a half minutes to get started. When I start it, the icons update late (before the battery tray icon did not appear, I had to restart the explorer service, now maybe I solved it, but it still does with the audio icon, sometimes) the applications there it takes a lot to start, if I click for example on start, the animation of opening the menu starts like after 2 seconds. I noticed that the HDD is almost permanently at 100%, for practically every operation, even the most banal. I have done all the scans in the world. In boot I have disabled practically everything, from task manager, from different apps and even from "autoruns for windows". I also tried to disable the fast boot, thinking it could be the problem. I have uninstalled all the optimization programs, and it seems to be a little better, but always bad. I have a 2007 Desktop that is more responsive at times. I tried everything, EVERYTHING really, starting from the steps for the clean boot, ending with the paging size. I did all the memory and HDD tests, restored the corrupt system files with shell commands. I followed all the steps of my competence, and followed all the possible web guides, but I can't solve. Nobody can understand the underlying problem. A way to restore / repair system files without having to format or reinstall Windows would be ideal. The only solution that I have not tried is formatting, but it is not a considerable solution, because I have tested everything in relation to OSX. Years have passed since I did it, and OSX I use it for work, formatting Win would create problems for OSX, with risk of data loss or access, and I cannot allow it.