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  1. I have a HP laptop that is running Windows 10 and have been using it with no problems until I traveled with it to a Hotel and used it on a public WiFi. When I got home, it wouldn't connect to my network. It shows it in list but as soon as I enter my security code, it will disable the adapter and then enable it. It does the same thing at work. I was at first able to get it to connect as a public/Limited connection, but in trying the different fixes, it now just won't connect. I have gone as far as doing a complete reset on my laptop and it still won't connect. here is the gremlin in the system, It will connect to a new WiFi connection that I have never connected to before the trip. I can tether it to my smartphone, and several other WiFi connections, but all are listed as public and are limited connections! Before I did the reset of the computer, The diagnostics would keep referring to the name of the hotel connection like it just wants to connect to it. I am at a loss!!! The system is a Windows 7 Home Prem, Upgraded to Win !0 via the windows update. I will give more info if needed, Keep in mind, that the other laptop that we took with us is working fine, and all nearly 30 other items on my network at home and the 100 plus at work are connected and working. It was only the one Laptop that did this. Also, it will connect via the LAN, but I can't use it that way all the time. I need it to be portable for work.