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  1. when i used media creation tool to install new windows 10 while at 1% when it first started to run it stayed at 1% for probably 6 or 7 minutes with the little circle of dots spinning. i looked up at the screen and that had stopped turning, still at 1%. i did some other things and checked on it a minute or two later, same thing. i had an e machine once did this during system restore and i got worried about it and hit cancel. nothing, i couldn't click anything. i pushed power on my pc holding it in and my screen went black. i waited a few then rebooted and it came back on the same, frozen. i r
  2. i've tried everything. it started out my pc hasn't updated since january. troubleshooter didn't help, i went through every step virtual bot suggested all the agents tried failed. it was suggested i do a fresh install. i tried everything there also. the last attempt i tried was the reset. i opened it and at one percent it froze up and i couldn''t do anything. luckily i had to shut it down with the power button. it came back on where it went off. frozen up still showing the reset window. the second time it came back on normally thankfully. this is a barely out of warranty...of course lenovo 330
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