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  1. Re: Windows 10 Command Prompt 2019 10.0.1862.657 Sequence: open CMD in required folder (1) Enter a command of the form <App_name> <Script_file_name> <Data_file_name> (2) Execute that command. (3) Examine output, edit and save <Script_file_name> as same name (4) Re-execute the last (2) command (5) Command operates on the FIRST VERSION of file, not the current version (6) Command prompt has an internal cashed copy of the files (7) Command prompt does not check whether the internal cached copy id the most recent (8) The script file is large and the only solution is to rename each edited version (9) Other parts of Windows 10 - e.g. Office would not accept this erroneous mode of operation (10) To my knowledge earlier versions of Command prompt did have this problem. PLEASE FIX!