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  1. I understand that Windows 10 does not support xpmode. I was wondering if a person could put xpmode in a virtual machine and run it that way and how a person would go about doing that. I am running windows 10 32 bit on a older laptop that I got used. I ran Windows 7 on it with no problems. It is an old Dell Inspiron 1545, it is currently running Windows 10 with no problems, I have an older program that would like to run but it has problems running under Windows 10. If you need more information I will be happy to give it to you. the Older program is My AutoPlay Menu by Ashampoo. I have searched the Inernet, found instructions on how to do it but upon further reading and trying that they were using something different. they said to download xpmode from Microsoft and then to extract the files, I did and cameup with different files than what they asked for. I decided to look further but to no avail. they siad to install hyperv. I am running Windows 10 pro. I would appreciate it very much, Thank you.