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  1. I have spent copious amounts of $ on movies & shows and when my internet connection goes or I reach my 1TB monthly data limit I can't watch my shows on my Xbox. I have a SSD but can't watch the downloaded shows on my X-box which I use as my hub for 99% of TV entertainment. There is no app for my smart tv either. Microsoft needs to fix this as about everybody else has. I am die hard samsung & microsoft but this is making it hard. There are work arounds with my PC and beaming but that goes against the concept of easy we are all searching for. WHEN is MICROSOFT Going to catch up and and do us rite? We need to be able to take our X-box anywhere and access our products even in backwoods of where my parents love with no real net speeds. Also where is the movies and tv app for non microsoft products that would be a game changer!