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  1. I can't edit the above post anymore, so I'll have to just make a new post since I found the solution. I'll post it here on the chance someone else is having a similar issue: Apparently changing the name in the normal "settings" doesn't REALLY change the account's "full name", only a display name essentially. Found out about using netplwiz (win key + R then simply type "netplwiz"). This is an advanced user accounts control screen, which allowed me to (among other things) change the "real" name of my account, thus freeing up the name I wanted to use on my second account, which I have now created successfully.
  2. Hello all. My computer is fairly new (built just a couple weeks ago) and I'm still in the process of deciding how I want everything set up. Long story short, I changed the account name of the only user account I have created so far to "Ciel", but now, I want to create a new user account called "Ciel." So I changed my primary user account to a different name. However, while the new name shows up in settings and on the Windows start screen when I turn the computer on, it still shows "Ciel" when I search with "net users" in Windows Power Shell. It shows it as the only user account (which it is at the moment) and lists the account name as "Ciel", even though I changed it to a new name. This is preventing me from using the name Ciel on a second user account. When I try to create the new account and type Ciel as the name for it, it just says "Please choose a different name", which is what prompted me to start searching for solutions to this issue. Any idea what caused this? As I said, the new name shows up properly on the start screen and when I got to the user account settings, but in PowerShell (and in the Registry, I checked there as well), it still thinks the account name is Ciel. If it's important, my current account is a local account, and the new one would be as well.
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