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  1. I want to create a shortcut in the "Send to.." folder/menu to copy selected data to the certain folder of my Android 8.1.0 mobile phone (connected to PC via USB wire). So the logic of the path is: Phone -> SD memory card -> Folder_name.When i right-clicked on the destination folder there was no option to create a shortcut. OK, not a big deal - i decided to create it myself using the path from the folder's Properties. The path is: This computer\ASUS Zenfone 3\16Gb\_MP3 where ASUS Zenfone is the mobile phone name, 16Gb is the SD card's name and _MP3 is the destination folder on SD card.However, when i paste this address to the shortcut i get the message "File "This" is not found", which makes me think that the name of the computer should be possibly written in another format rather than just This computer. Someone told me to take path in quotes ("), as there's space between words in This computer and this may be the source of the problem. So i tried these variants: "This computer\ASUS Zenfone 3\16Gb\_MP3" "\\This computer\ASUS Zenfone 3\16Gb\_MP3" "\\ASUS Zenfone 3\16Gb\_MP3" None of those 3 variants worked. I got the message "Name of the destination file is incorrect. Check the name of the file." What am i doing wrong? Thank you!