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  1. I recently started intermittently seeing an error message when I clicked on Explorer and then the Documents tab. "C:\Users\user\My Documents is not accessible. Access is denied. Even when I get that message I can still access files and folders via packages such as spreadsheet/writer. I also find that loading files when clicking on a folder can take a long time, as can opening photographs. Could there be a link? Thanks, Ian
  2. Thanks Steve. I'll have look at what you say and revert.
  3. Hi, no change since first reporting. I'm assuming it's due to using an old monitor.
  4. When opening up pages from the main menu button I get blanks or odd bits of graphic and it's only when I run the mouse over the list that I get the label and associated icon. Surely this isn't normal? See attached example.
  5. Hi again, I got an email circular yesterday containing this link: https://www.howtogeek.com/266072/you-can-still-get-windows-10-for-free-with-a-windows-7-8-or-8.1-key/ I'm tempted to try it but note: "Enter any Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 key that hasn’t previously been used to upgrade to 10 ..." I'm wondering if this would be a problem because I did install W10 in the very early days and had so much trouble with it that I reverted to W7. Would this key therefore already be "on file"? Thanks, Ian
  6. Hi Steve, I'd almost given up hope of getting an answer. Now for the research into the easiest way to do it. Many thanks, Ian
  7. Hi all, Looking at some of he threads on here, this will be small beer, but here goes. I wish to upgrade a PC and also a laptop. What's the most appropriate way to get and/or process the upgrade software so that the second machine can be upgraded without having to pay twice and/or start again? My laptop isn't very old and my PC has recently been beefed up, so I wish to re-use them rather than ditch and buy new. Both have SSDs, the laptop 5GB RAM, the PC with 8GB RAM, both with plenty of free memory. Anything else I need to worry about? Thanks, Ian
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