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  1. Hi, Since upgrading to Win10 64 my CD/DVD drive will recognize music discs, but not program discs. With a program CD in the drive, the drive doesn't even start. If I search in the drive tool bar for Program, nothing shows up. However, I can plug an external CD/DVD drive into a USB port and the program will be recognized and run. I've looked in the registry and there are no upper or lower limits for the drive. I've also ensured the Area is correct in the device manager; also the device manager indicates the drive is working correctly. I've reinstalled the driver. Suggestions? Thanks
  2. I fixed the problem, which involved selecting a DVD region under Device Management.
  3. I fixed the problem. The solution was to select a proper DVD region in Device Management. Thanks ever so much for all your help. BAB
  4. My DVD reader pops up as and invalid drive letter, as "the directory name is invalid." With the DVD reader running, in disk management I can see that the drive is listed as RAW instead of NTFS. Is this the problem, or is there something else I need to change in Windows 10? I've checked the DVD drive in Device Manager and it is supposedly working correctly. I've also tried updating the driver for the DVD reader/writer but I get the message that the current driver is best and doesn't need updating. Suggestions?
  5. The drive letter I: for the DVD drive is listed as RAW in Disk Management. Should it be NFTS? BAB
  6. When I open Autoplay for the CD drive and click on 'configure storage settings' I get the message, "the directory name is invalid I:\" I've seen this response previously when trying to run a program CD, but this doesn't pop up anymore when I load a program CD. Possibly a drive misadventure? Thanks, BAB
  7. I checked the driver for the CD drive in Device Manager and it says the current driver is the best option. Thanks, BAB
  8. I'm assuming the drivers for DVD are up to date, although I haven't checked as I only updated to Win 10 a few weeks ago. The DVD responds to music CD's, why not program CD's? As to which programs, all programs. To run a program from a CD I have to plug in an external drive I use for my netbook, then I can run the program. I'm not sure why I would want to download a program from the web when I have the CD, but that's not the problem. The problem is the driver won't respond to program CDs, which is more than a bit strange. Thanks for responding, BAB
  9. Hi, The DVD drive on my Dell computer won't read discs that contain programs I want to load, or reload, since changing to Windows 10/64 from Windows 7/64. The driver will read music CDs, but not program CDs. I can't even find the program CDs when I right click on the disc drive. Instead I get a panel that looks more like Word than a disc drive. Probably one of those buttons up there, I'll bet, but I've not found it yet. Help, please. Thanks b4ab