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  1. I have a Canon EOS 7D DSLR Camera and also a Canon EOS 7D-Mark-II DSLR Camera. The 7D is recognised by Windows 10 Professional on my PC and Windows 7 Pro on my Toshiba Laptop. The 7D-Mark-II is only recognised on my Windpws 7 Laptop and NOT my Windows 10 PC. I have used the cables as supplied with each camera, same USB ports. I have set my autoplay to "Ask me every Time" and tried all other options as well. Also in the autoplay list of All Media & Devices, the 7D is listed and there is 2 entries for the 7D-Mark-II. I am only using the CF card and don't use the WiFi card supplied with the 7D-Mark-II camera. I hear the 4 beeps tune when I connect the camera into the rear USB ports on the PC and the 3 beep tune when I disconnect from the USB ports. I really need to have this matter resolved if possible. My Windows 10 version is 1903 (build 18362.295).
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