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  1. It ask me to update my windows 10.It said update and shut down. So I clicked on this button. As usual it read this will take some time. Well the time become 4+ hours. I went to sleep. The next morning my computer screen showed error in updating. I shut the cpu off. Rebooted and got this message. C:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\desktop is unavailable. It isn't a desktop, It is a laptop. I purchased a new Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. It didn't even recognize the CD software. So then I thought maybe the hard drive was bad now also. I purchased a new hard drive and installed it. Then I put the new Windows 10 Pro CD in. Still no loading. I tried to right click on the Windows icon in the left hand corner and nothing happen. So I removed the new Hard drive and reinstall the old one. Now when I leave the windows 10 pro cd in and boot up. My sign in screen will show up and I can sign in. The home page screen is bare minium with waste can, windows logo, people, sound and hidden icons. But nothing works when I click on any on these. I can't go any further than this screen. Help !!!