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  1. Firstly I will be replacing the hard drive on my Acer Model Z1801 All In One Desktop Computer with a new HP 250 SSD. The hard drive in the Acer PC has corrupted files which I can't fix with scans and freezes if I restart the computer to install any updates, which makes any cloning from the old hard drive to the new SSD not an option. My plan is to download a fresh copy of Windows 10 and reinstall to the new SSD. What I need to know is do I download the Windows 10 Media creation tool to the USB Drive option or download as an ISO then use Rufus to copy the download to a USB Drive. The Acer is Legacy Bios Only, Partition Scheme: MBR File System: NTFS I did try a Windows 10 new install onto an older but healthy hard drive, using the download to a USB option, but the install failed part of the way. Any help or advice would be most appreciated.