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  1. Hi last night there was a huge update from win10. This morning my laptop doesn't work just a message "undoing update" have tried turning power off 3 times this didn't work. Turned on again pressed f9 and got the trouble shooting etc up. Great I thought try restore point!! Wrong need to put in my password but no way of doing this without a pw box!!!! Heeeellllpppp please
  2. Hi. Help needed. Last night there was a huge W10 update. This morning I'm locked out of my laptop. Message on screen says "undoing update from your pc" or similar. Tried turning off and on again 3 times. Same message. Then I pressed F9 and got the screen trouble shooting etc. Great I thought I can set a restore point! Nope can go no further without my password! Trouble is there's no password box!!! Tried control alt delete this sometimes works but alas not this time!!! Hèeelllllppp please .