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  1. In the end I realised it was an issue with the "Fn" key - I was using the "Fn" key along with the "F2" key, however I had mapped the "Fn" key to the "Ctl" key ages ago using SharpKeys because of another issue I was having (which seems to have gone away). I removed the mapping in SharpKeys, downloaded a utility called "HWSetup" to allow me to use the function keys on their own, and I can now boot to the BIOS menu by just pressing F2.
  2. Hello there I have an issue with not being able to boot my Toshiba Laptop to a repair DVD or a USB recovery drive. I have recently created both from the laptop and am trying to test them. I am unable to get the laptop to boot into the BIOS menu. I have tried the following: · All the functions keys (F1 to F12), plus the “Esc” and “Del” keys. · Clicking off “Turn off fast start-up (recommended)” in Power Options. · Rebooting from “EFI Usb Device” and “EFI DVD\CDRom” (Settings\Update & Security\Recovery\Advanced start-up\Restart now\Use a Device) None of these have any effect – the laptop always just boots into Windows 10 as normal. It is a Toshiba Satellite L50-C-20M. Any help greatly appreciated. Geoff Olding