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  1. I have a laptop (Asus model:N550JK x64-based PC) Recently , I've update my windows 10 pro (to edition:1903 , OS build:18362.207). Before that , when I turn on the Bluetooth all of my Bluetooth devices (cellphone , hands free , ..)could be able to find and connect to the laptop . but after updating non of devices can't find the laptop .in the other hand the laptop also can't find this devices. There is no any error message. I've checked all the options for finding the reason, but I can't find. What I've done to solve this issue : I've checked the laptop Bluetooth driver => it is update to last version. I've checked the "Bluetooth Support Service" => it is Running and is started. I've checked if the Bluetooth is on =>it is on. I've checked "Allow Bluetooth devices to find this pc" state => it is checked. I've checked all of my Bluetooth devices => they work perfect. I've run troubleshooter . Every time I run the troubleshooter, this message is appeared : "Check Bluetooth radio status Fixed". I've Updated BIOS to last version(2019) But the problem still remains. So,what is your suggestion?
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