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  1. Hello everyone,

    I started facing with this issue 2 days ago. Where while working from home suddenly when visiting the website I kept getting this issue called "Misdirected Request". Whenever I try to refresh the site looks like the issue will go away, but later if I keep browsing it will just continue so I have to press refresh every single time.

    I didn't touch anything it turned to happen by itself. There was no Windows Update to corrupt or mess my computer like we all know sometimes it does.

    So I've noticed after a while that it's not only that particular website but it's just other websites in general.
    Also, my skype is not working, whenever I try to send a message, the message just keeps loading and won't send at all. It looks like something is broken in my files, or registry, I don't really know.

    The funny part is that my desktop computer is connected with wifi card, I tried connecting it through LAN cable and again same issue. I tried calling my ISP and ask them to reset the internet for me, and that didn't fix the issue.

    I have also a laptop connected on the same network, and on the laptop I don't have this issue, same with my phone, no issues whatsoever, I can send messages on skype, I can browse those websites who have that issue on my desktop PC and also I can even sign in on Microsoft forums without an issue, where if I try from my desktop PC it's just the website won't load.

    My last chance is to format my PC, but at the moment I have to deal with this problem as I've already explained, I work from home and it's really important for me not to waste any time. If there's any fix I would gladly appreciate. 

    Here is what I've tried so far. And nothing worked
    Reset my router to factory settings, re-configured.
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /renew
    netsh winsock reset
    netsh interface ipv4 reset
    netsh interface ipv6 reset
    Tried reinstalling Chrome
    Tried installing Firefox (same issue)

    None of this worked, (from what I was able to find on the internet).

    I am using only Windows firewall, no antiviruses no nothing.

    Here is pictures of the issue when I try to visit some websites.

    Click image for larger version.   Name: EKPwo6Z.png  Views: 0  Size: 9.5 KB  ID: 239906

    I get this error on some of the ads on the right side of one of the forums I visit.

    Name:  FO887aB.png Views: 0 Size:  7.9 KB

    This is when I try to sign in on Microsoft or even some of the websites will show me this issue.

    Click image for larger version.   Name: 85a16cd58b6c68d442a0fe158fcc9d90.png  Views: 0  Size: 26.2 KB  ID: 239908

    Is there any way for this issue to be fixed?

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