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  1. Being a pro-Apple person for the past 10 years, surrounding myself with everything Apple it was quite a difficult task to switch to Windows. But I went ahead and did it. After some thorough research I've made my decision and went with Huawei Matebook Pro X (the one with Nvidia Geforce). I loved it, and much to my surprise Windows 10 seems pretty robust and versatile nowadays, as opposed to what I remember from the 2000's when the Blue Screen of Doom was an everyday thing. But here the bad news. Couple of hours into setting it up for my liking I began to notice that the dude won't wake up from sleep, especially if I close the lid. Now this is something I wasn't prepared for after splashing twelve hundred quid. As I mentioned before, I've been with Apple for quite some time now and have absolutely no idea what to do when Windows starts playing games like that. Naturally, I Google all possible combinations of my issue, but to no avail, all I could find is: Update BIOS, Change this this and that then that that and this then this and that and then restart. Jeez, why do I have to go through all this haha. I reached out to official Huawei support and they kindly put my query in the bin (at least that's what I make of it, since they haven't responded) It's a great piece of hardware but the inability to switch it on, whenever I please so, unless I reboot it 5-6 times really challenges my decision of dumping Apple. I'm not even sure whether this problem has something to do with the OS, in my case Windows 10 or is it a hardware issue. No idea whatsoever. I would kindly appreciate any Win experts' help and any suggestions. If I need to provide more details about my machine - please let me know.