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  1. I have read various contradictory items about the MS recent statements concerning the related topics of minimum storage space requirements for (the 'May") feature update; and Reserve Storage. My favourite magazine, Computer Active, had to print a correction / clarification but it still leaves me confused. It is of particular concern to those of us with 'small storage' devices such as 2-in-1 Tablet PCs. In particular I am no longer sure about the temporary use of external devices such as USB flash drives to assist updating. When it was announced a while back that this was possible ----and I found it to be so --- I was relived. It seemed to solve the storage problem. But there has been no mention of it in recent articles and statements. I was pleased to discover that when the October update arrived (in February) it had actually used my integral SD card in the process, which seemed a logical improvement, but I have not seen this mentioned anywhere. This is of concern to me now especially, as a few weeks back 7 GB of my small storage vanished and for a while I assumed that the Reserve had been installed. On learning this was not so I realised I do not have sufficient free storage if external drives cannot be used.
  2. The History suddenly stopped working, all I get is a blank window. I have the impression (from alerts) that clips are being saved, they are just not being displayed. I have tried some fixes found online, without success.. I believe there is an on / off REG edit but don't know how to apply it.