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  1. Please see attached screenshot... Adobe Creative suite was installed in 2013 Serato DJ Pro was installed in 2018 Serato DJ was installed in 2017 Notepad++ was installed in 2018
  2. Greetings, Maybe this is of no consequence to some, however, I use the installation dates of software titles in windows to identify when an issue began occurring and when new software was installed for comparison. Unfortunately, updating to Windows 10 Pro 1903 18362.175 from 1809 (latest build) has resulted in all of my installed software being reported as "installed on" 6-20-2019. Some of my programs date back to 2008, yet, I can no longer research the install date in appwiz.cpl. This is very distressing, as, I repair PC issues for people and do a bit of forensic analysis from time to time. Resetting all the installed software to the date Windows 10 was updated is very counterproductive, for me. Dates and times are necessary when looking for evidence! I have an image of my PC and can go back, but I can defer updates for only a limited time in Windows 10 Pro. Is there a chance that Microsoft might resolve this issue and let me know when it is safe to update to the current build of Windows 10 without the update re-installing all of my software when I do? I'm sorry Judge, Microsoft reset all of the installed on dates and times on the machine in question to the date their last update was installed. The evidence I had was lost. But I saw it and know it was there and can verbally attest to the innocence of my client.