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  1. God Mode is a hidden feature of Windows 10 that gives access (shortcut) to each option in the Control Panel on one screen. The term GodMode is also known as the Windows Master Control Panel shortcut or the All Tasks folder. We can activate this feature by creating a folder with a specific name, later in the folder there will be access to each control panel setting to its sub. There are a total of 252 shortcuts, which are divided into 42 categories as follows: Action Center (15 shortcuts) Administrative Tools (10 shortcuts) AutoPlay (3 shortcuts) Backup and Restore (2 shortcuts) Color Management Credential Manager Date and Time (4 shortcuts) Default Program (2 shortcuts) Desktop Gadgets (6 shortcuts) Device Manager Devices and Printer (9 shortcuts) Display (11 shortcuts) Ease of Access Center (26 shortcuts) Folder Options (5 shortcuts) Fonts (3 shortcuts) Getting Started (4 shortcuts) HomeGroup (2 shortcuts) Indexing Options Internet Options (14 shortcuts) Keyboard (2 shortcuts) Location and Other Sensors (3 shortcuts) Mouse (8 shortcuts) Network and Sharing Center shortcut) Notification Area Icons (6 shortcuts) Performance Information and Tools (4 shortcuts) Personalization (12 shortcuts) Phone and Modem Power Options (7 shortcuts) Program and Features (9 shortcuts) Recovery Region and Language (7 shortcuts) RemoteApp and Desktop Connections Sound (4 shortcuts) Speech Recognition (3 shortcuts) Sync Center (6 shortcuts) System (20 shortcuts) Taskbar and Start Menu (10 shortcuts) Troubleshooting (12 shortcuts) User Accounts (9 shortcuts) Windows CardSpace Windows Defender Windows Firewall (2 shortcuts) Windows Updates (2 shortcuts) technology media
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